EHL and EHL@Network – is geeting close to project end

The EHL@N network is approaching the end of the project period. Which, of course, only affects the project itself. The network will of course remain in existence. For this reason, in April 2021 already the NPO EHL@N – Association of Sites Awarded the European Heritage Label was founded, which will take care of relevant issues in the future. Further project applications to improve the funding of the network are also considered on an ongoing basis.

You can also view the available project results of the network any time.

The winning photos of the photo competition, for example, can be found on the website. The „Comic Book“ and the „Value Stories“ of the EHL sites will be available on the EHL@N website in early 2022.

On 12 October 2021, the activities to date and the results of the 2020 monitoring process were presented at the EHL Networking Day. The results of a survey on training needs and quality standards of EHL sites were also discussed at the 6th EHL Networking Day. The aim was and is of course to continuously improve the performance of all EHL sites.

is of course to continuously improve the performance of all EHL sites.

This also serves to strengthen the fundamental EHL values based on the principles of freedom, democracy, respect for human rights, cultural and linguistic diversity, tolerance and solidarity. They are all represented by the European Heritage Label and the sites awarded with it. More about the EHL@N project here.