EHL Imperial Palace Vienna – makes significant step

A lot of time and energy went into developing the Imperial Palace Vienna’s own EHL website – and now the time has come. The German version of the Imperial Palace Vienna’s new Cultural Heritage website will go online in early 2022! This will for the first time show the enormous scale of the complex: 2,600 rooms, 18 wings and 19 courtyards. It houses 16 world-class museums with 69 collections and a total of 12.5 million books and objects – on an area the size of almost 42 football fields.

The Imperial Palace Vienna presents itself as a city within the city with a diversity that is unparalleled. A multitude of „spaces“, such as living, economic, research or play and learning space as well as natural and traffic space create a colourful lively Imperial Palace Vienna, available to young and old for a variety of purposes. As the largest profane building complex in Europe, if not the world, the Imperial Palace Vienna is a centre of power, creative stage, recreational space and rich environment for play and learning – all this and more.

As holder of the European Heritage Label, the Imperial Palace Vienna testifies Europe’s eventful history. In the value system of EHL, the Imperial Palace Vienna stands for linguistic and cultural diversity.

However, as the European Heritage Label is regularly reviewed, a bearer cannot rest on his or her award. For this reason, further steps are planned for the Imperial Palace Vienna EHL site in the future. The next one, which will take place in early 2022, will be the English version of the EHL website.

Feedback from the EHL panel will guide any further development and will be meaningfully linked to existing plans. More on EHL and the new Hofburg Wien website from January 2022 here.