Burghauptmannschaft Oesterreich - what is it?

Burghauptmannschaft Oesterreich (BHOe) is a subordinate agency of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and a legal entity. She is owner of around 110 historically significant buildings and monuments throughout Austria, including Imperial Palace Vienna, Belvedere Palace as the former summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy and Imperial Palace Innsbruck. BHOe is responsible for the appropriate use and maintenance of these memorable buildings.

In addition to the core task of maintaining built heritage in the best possible way, Burghauptmannschaft Oesterreich has initiated, accompanied and carried out various (EU-) projects since 2013. As a result, important issues such as further training in the field of maintenance of historic buildings could be tackled and implemented.

In addition to EU projects, Burghauptmannschaft also allowed other innovative ideas and artistic expression to prosper, which resulted in diverse and exciting synergies.

Why EU projects?

CEO Reinhold Sahl took over the function as castle captain in 2010. As manager and long-term planning strategist, he soon discovered that there was a offer/demand gap in further training and knowledge capital. Thus he enthusiastically welcomed the idea of submitting an Erasmus + project on this topic. The MODI-FY project started in 2014 and, despite budget constraints, an internationally certified advanced training course for maintenance managers was created over three years. Other EU projects such as OrbEEt or PRO-Heritage followed.

In 2016, the Imperial Palace Vienna was awarded the European Heritage Label following the request of Burghauptmannschaft Oesterreich. Due to the active role of BHÖ among the award-winning sites, they are now also coordinator of the EHL@N(etwork) since 2019. An initiative, that provides all existing and future heritage label holders with valuable experience and tools to support them in fulfilling their tasks as representatives of cultural heritage. An initiative that provides all existing and future cultural heritage seal holders with valuable experience and tools to support them in fulfilling their tasks as cultural heritage sponsors.

Projects at European level quickly develop their own momentum: once started, you receive invitations to projects and have access to unexpected new opportunities, such as participating in "Voices of Culture" in the 2018 Year of Cultural Heritage. By now BHOe has compiled a good reputation as project initiator and –coordinator; And utilises the emerging prospects to the benefit of employees, the historic buildings themselves and the general public.

On this website now you will find all current and previous (EU-) projects of Burghauptmannschaft Oesterreich. Of course with an ongoing update and expansion in the event of approval of a new project.

With the Projectworld newsletter  which is published regularly since September 2019, we also inform about highlights of ongoing activities. At the same time we disseminate our EU projects and –content, while making our contribution to enhanced networking in the emerging new sector "Cultural Heritage".

You can find information on the core tasks of Burghauptmannschaft Oesterreich here.