The COL Project: BHOe as strategic partner

The most visible part of the common heritage of Austria (AT) and the Czech Republic (CZ) is the architectural culture of buildings and settlements that have emerged in the same cultural-historical conditions. One problem of their renewal is that architectural and urban principles and craftsmanship are identical on both sides of the border, while the legal and economic situation in theory and practice are substantially different. It is necessary to seek new ways and forms of sustainable handling and promotion of the shared cultural heritage, which meet today's needs without destroying cultural-historical values.
The aim of the project is to establish the Centre for the Renewal of the Common Cultural Heritage (COL), which will deal with the sustainable renewal of historical buildings, areas and localities systematically and develop a cross-border cooperation in the maintenance and promotion of the common cultural heritage.
The mission of COL is to raise awareness among the population in order to preserve and develop the dwindling local building culture, which is one of the most important sources of tourism in the border regions of AT and CZ. The results of the soft activities in the project will be a common professional methodology and strategy for the renewal and promotion of the common cultural heritage.
One main result of the COL project will be two exemplary renovated and developed monuments on both sides of the border, which will be at the disposal of the professional and lay public:
The so-called Old School in the Louka Monastery in Znojmo and a granary in Retz, which is a typical monument of local importance. Both buildings will enable conferences, exhibitions, guided tours, information, cultural and educational activities. In this way, COL's expertise and recommendations will be communicated to the general public.

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Co-funded by Interreg Austria-Czech Republic

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