European Heritage Academy

Based on MODI-FY elements, The European Heritage Academy, founded in late 2017, acts as a hub for the systematic further education of maintenance managers throughout the European Union and is constantly being expanded.

Behind the EHA, as the Academy is briefly referred to, stand Burghauptmannschaft Oesterreich and the Monument Authority Austria (BDA) as bearers who have responded to the growing need for further education in the field of Historic Buildings.

For a long time, the training aspect in responsible organisations was rather neglected or left to the leaders or even the individual employees. In addition, the at the time called Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, whose area of responsibility includes Burghauptmannschaft Oesterreich, was given responsibility for their own basic technical training.

After completion of MODI-FY the task was to make these existing learning elements and courses available to a wider circle of maintenance managers, which led to the founding of The European Heritage Academy, EHA for short.

EHA offers a Europe-wide accredited, certified advanced training at EQF level 4 and 5, which will be increasingly required in public tenders in the future. Trainings combine many years of experience in the maintenance of historical monuments, as well as in the field of training and further education, thus enabling rapid learning success in a pleasant learning environment. The objectives are to communicate the current state of architectural conservation and the necessary competences for owners as well as maintenance managers of Historic Buildings. Therefore, in addition to the training and certifications or validations, ongoing update workshops are offered. This way EHA creates the pre-condition for perfect learning results and highest customer satisfaction.

In addition to the modules developed in the MODI-FY project, the Academy offers training in traditional crafts, as foreseen in the PRO-Heritage project, and other relevant educational elements derived from other current and future (EU) projects.

Beside those, Federal State Days are organised, which offer participants from the federal states and neighbouring German-speaking countries the opportunity to network and exchange expertise.

EHA Kurse werden laufend angeboten und bilden gemeinsam mit Online Lernschritten die Basis für die Zertifizierung durch die ECQA – European Certification and Qualification Association, eine in Österreich ansässige internationale Vereinigung.

A cooperation between the BHOe and the Federal Monuments Authority Austria

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