FLIP2-INCREAS - Full Start

The INCREAS pilot project has started! The objectives were discussed in a first meeting and on 15 October 2020 the symposium on INCREAS took place in the Charterhouse Mauerbach.

You can find details on the schedule and programme of the event here. The INCREAS partners have already started their first activities, comparing and checking the ESCO professions and the competencies listed in the Skills Panorama. This is necessary in order to define the structure of the newly created Cultural Heritage and Creative Industries sector as best as possible.
Furthermore, the stakeholders were analysed and summarised on a corresponding list. This is the basis for the most extensive matching in order to structure the new sector.

Existing tools such as ESCO and EU SkillsPanorama will be supplemented and up-dated. This defines a strong sector that combines Cultural Heritage - primarily built - and Creative Industries for mutual benefit. As a result, a number of innovative training measures, such as highly developed digital competence modules, are developed and implemented.
A structured exchange programme and initiatives to preserve traditional craftsmanship through the involvement of young people are intended, to ensure the survival of endangered skills.

A special result of the pilot project will be a prototype of the European Competence and Community Centre for Cultural Heritage, EUComp Centre for short, which will be set up in Mauerbach, AT.
The main focus is on built Cultural Heritage. It will show how such centres can make a powerful contribution to the economic success of European regions. You can find more information about INCREAS here.

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