Interreg project COL - Full Power

The renovation work on the “Schüttkasten“ at Pfarrgasse in Retz is progressing. The undertaking is largely financed by EU funds (Interreg AT-CZ); the municipality of Retz participates in the EU project Center for Restoration of Common Cultural Heritage (COL). “The renovation costs amount to around 800,000 Euros and completion is scheduled for December 2020”, as Mayor Helmut Koch explained during a tour of the construction site. For Retz and Znojmo, twin cities since 1998, the project also means a deepening of mutual relationships. The main result of the COL project will be two exemplary refurbished and developed architectural monuments on both sides of the border. The so-called "Old School" in the Znojmo Monastery Louka (Klosterbruck) was selected as an example of an extraordinary monument that has decayed for a long time.

The second object is the “Schüttkasten” in Retz, which, in contrast, represents a typical monument of local importance, which most often is the subject of refurbishment. Both buildings will allow the organisation of conferences, exhibitions, and guiding, information, cultural and educational activities.

Due to the complexity and breadth of the topics, these will often be activities causing overnight stays, as those responsible explain to NÖN.

Source: NÖN, 22 May, 2020