European Heritage Label and EHL@Network – Rise of a Brand

The network's project work has also suffered from the limitations of the past few weeks. A planned meeting in Lublin had to be postponed to 2021, instead there will be an online meeting in early July. The consortium plans to extend the project duration in order to be able to manage all tasks. Lots of ideas from the October meeting are now being worked out in detail. Since the meeting in Olomouc in February, the ideas gathered have been turned into work plans and the first steps were taken. Due to Corona planning was on hold and partners now have to adjust their plans. The consortium will soon have a close look at an extensive strategy paper on branding, which forms the basis for the conception and development of branding activities.

Branding is an essential part of the project application. In order to create a strong brand, it is necessary to gain clarity about your own basic values, to have common goals and to create a common brand image. This is exactly the goal of the EHL@N brand strategy. What is important here is a common brand design (corporate design) and the consistent use of the EHL brand logo.
Brands create images in the minds of people and the more positive they are, the more likely addressees are to become interested in the “products” - in the case of EHL these are the achievements of the bearers.
This strengthens the EHL locations as well as the whole of Europe, for which the sites ultimately stand. They are important for all citizens of the European Union and form a solid basis for a truly united Europe.

More about the project EHL@N here.

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12. October 2021