European Heritage Label and EHL@Network - Another Half

The network's project work also had to be adapted to Covid19 and so an online meeting took place at the beginning of July. The consortium has panned the EHL Network Day on 13 October 2020 in detail and took part in the event mainly online. Online access also made it possible for other sites, e.g. the newly awarded, national coordinators and representatives of the EU Commission to be able to participate. Through the use of interactive online tools, the participants could actively contribute.

Furthermore, the details for a photo competition, which will be held in January and February 2021, have been finalised. The programme and some presentations of the EHL Network Day are available here .

The extensive strategy paper that the partners have already commented on, was the basis for an in-depth discussion on creating an EHL brand. Concrete marketing activities to strengthen the brand are now derived from this.

Another important topic of the symposium in Vienna was the repeated presentation of theCommunication Toolbox for EHL siteswhich refers to a common brand design (corporate design) and the consistent use of the EHL brand logo.

Brands create images in people's minds and the more positive they are, the more likely people are to be interested in the “products” - in case of EHL, the services of the sites. More about the EHL@N project here.