FLIP2-INCREAS – Focus on Sub-Projects

In total, the INCREAS pilot project has conducted 50 workshops since the start of the project. Important insights were also gained on the necessary statistical data, which were discussed with the EU Commission in the complementary workshop „Statistical Data for the Cultural Heritage Sector“. At the moment, the focus of the project partners is on the so-called sub-projects, which among others include a training course for the „Digital Expert for Cultural Heritage“. These course modules will also be offered by The European Heritage Academy/EHA in the future.

After matching the ESCO professions and the listed competences in the EU Skills Panorama, partners are now developing – besides the mentioned course – online marketplaces for historic building materials, as well as products and services of users. Furthermore, the requirements for an expert pool and international exchange programmes of experts in the field of Cultural Heritage are established.

A very important product of the project INCREAS is the creation of a competence and community centre at Charterhouse Mauerbach. This „EUCompCentre“ will be the prototype for further centers throughout Europe and promote further education/VET in the Cultural Heritage sector as well as networking with local groups and international colleagues. In addition, a concept for regional development and the creation of a Creative Hub is being developed, which will act as motors for the continuous development of the project initiatives.
Several conferences are planned between June and October 2022. It started with the event on June 10, 2022 in Vienna addressing „Risk Management and Liability in Cultural Heritage“. More information can be found here.

The next symposium of INCREAS will take place on October 25, 2022 in co-operation with European Heritage Volunteers. It will be again a hybrid event this year, i.e. a combination of physical and virtual participation at Charterhouse Mauerbach.
Find details of the symposium programme from July 2022 here.

The collaboration with FLIP3 and the Blueprint project CHARTER continues and serves to enrich all projects.

More information on INCREAS can be found here.