FLIP2-INCREAS – is very active

The INCREAS pilot project has conducted most of the planned workshops. First insights have already been gained and led to the complementary workshop „Statistical Data for the Cultural Heritage Sector“ with the EU Commission.

On 7 October, the second INCREAS conference took place in the Charterhouse Mauerbach. This year it was again a hybrid event, i.e. a combination of virtual and physical participation in Mauerbach.

Details of the conference programme can be looked up here. In the future, after the event an eBook shall be issued.

The matching of the ESCO occupations and the listed competences in the Skills Panorama is in the process of being completed. This is the basis for the best possible description of the cultural heritage and creative industries sector. Currently, the project partners are mainly working on individual project results, which are quasi sub-projects: These are especially the online marketplaces and the guidelines for regional development. The marketplaces in particular have enormous potential as a hub for products and services of the Cultural Heritage sector. On the one hand, users should be able to offer their products and services here, and on the other hand, they should be able to cover their needs for recycled historic building materials.

The cooperation with the Blueprint project CHARTER and FLIP3 is ongoing and serves to enrich both projects.

More information on INCREAS can be found here.