Horizon 2020 Project PRO-Heritage – Successful Finish

The Horizon 2020 project PRO-Heritage went into extension in February 2022 and is using the time for improvements. Nevertheless, the project achieved about 80% of the planned project results in the original time frame. For example, the Imperial Palace Vienna was able to reduce their energy consumption from around 200 to around 80 kWh per m² per year and feed these findings into the project results. By end of July, the goal is to finally conduct the necessary face-to-face training that will also deliver the planned certifications.

In July a total of four „Energy Expert for Cultural Heritage“ courses are taking place in Portugal, Austria, Spain and Slovakia. Around 300 Cultural Heritage professionals will be certified and form the basis for a planned saving of 45 TJ/Year and five EU countries (incl. UK).

From autumn 2022, the “Energy Expert for Cultural Heritage” course will be offered by The European Heritage Academy/EHA in standard mode. Dates for upcoming courses can be found on the website of EHA.

Fortunately, the PRO-Heritage project and its results are attracting more and more attention in Europe. Thus, the consortium was invited to a webinar with more than 30 participants. The organiser was the project EDINA „Energy-efficient development of special revitalisation zones and urban area“, which is part of the European Climate Initiative (EUKI).

Additionally, PRO-Heritage was presented at the EU level Network Dialogue Event of the project SOAR on 28th June 2022.

Furthermore, the consortium was invited to submit the project for a brochure entitled „Greening the Creative Europe Programme“. In addition, PRO-Heritage is in discussion for a presentation in the Cultural Heritage Expert Group, which is currently commenting the actual draft revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive.
On July 7, 2022, a Dissemination Event will be held in Cascais, PT. It will be hosted by the Portuguese Presidency, which is also a partner in the PRO-Heritage project.

More about the Horizon 2020 project PRO-Heritage and the completed products can be found here.