VI-TRAIN – is in progress NEW!

In the Erasmus+ project VI-TRAIN, innovative trainings for traditional/endangered crafts and for dealing with building damage are developed. In order to meet these challenges, project partners are focussing in the first phase of the project on usable new techniques, technologies and possibilities of digitalisation. Indeed, the Covid19 crisis has made the issue even more urgent, as educational organisations suffer greatly from restrictions and new rules.

VI-TRAIN partners are now analysing these techniques and technologies to assess their usefulness for the purposes of the project. Of course, Best Practice examples are particularly needed here, as practical results are already available. However, in the case of manual, handcraft work, these examples are missing, which means that partners have to look for similarities in the application. These similar procedures are then closely examined to see if they are also suitable for training craftspeople. Many of these crafts need a lot of experience and/or specific guidance by experienced craftspeople. It is precisely this training that is to be supported by selected digitisation means.

You too can support the consortium in its innovative work: in March 2022 there will be a study visit to the Institute of Digitisation and Informatics at IMC Krems, AT. The topic of the event will be digital possibilities and their use for Cultural Heritage. You will receive an invitation to this visit by separate mail.

In the virtual kick-off meeting on 27.10.2021, a survey on Best Practice was attuned. The results should be available in February 2022.

You can find more about VI-TRAIN here.